Monday, February 23, 2015

Apparently, I'm still sleepwalking

I've been pulling a lot of late nights lately as I'm writing book 5 in the Redemption series.  It's not a "meet the goal" thing, but more of an "in the groove" thing--I get going, and I don't want to stop until the thoughts are out.  Having already plotted out the entire rest of the series already, finding those breaking points is a challenge.

When I was pregnant, I pulled a lot of late nights too, but for an entirely different reason.  My husband reported to me a couple of times that I was getting up and wandering around the house before coming back to bed.  He thought I was doing paranoid nesting things like making sure the oven was off or the doors were locked, but when he finally asked me about it one morning, I was surprised.  I didn't remember getting out of bed at all.  Now, I wasn't entirely shocked, because I was a sleepwalker when I was a child, but I thought I had given it up sometime between the ages of ten and twelve.

I mention these two things in conjunction because I got a fitbit for Christmas.  I was looking at my data a few days ago, and noticed a disturbing trend.  Apparently, I'm still sleepwalking some nights, and staying up late seems to be the trigger.

I looked online and I'm not the only one.  For some people, it looks like the wrist band is registering hand movements as steps.  I tend to wear mine in a pocket or clipped to my hip (it registers the steps more accurately, especially when I'm pushing the stroller), so I don't think that's the case for me.

It isn't a lot--less than 100 steps each episode--but I kind of want to hook up a camera to see what I'm doing at night.  I guess it might explain some of the bruises I get on my shins that I don't remember getting.


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