Sunday, November 17, 2013

Knocked up; Chinese food is delicious

The headline says it all.  I'm expecting my first child in April of next year, and fried rice is AWESOME.

I never realized how expensive baby gear is, but I'm very thankful that I was raised with an appreciation for garage sales and donated items.  While doing price comparison on car seats (the one item I know I definitely need new), it struck me that the price for the toys, the clothes, and everything else, is staggeringly high considering the short amount of time a child will need or use those items.  I've always had a borderline paranoia about new items, because I don't like getting things dirty; it makes me feel guilty.  Used and re-purposed things have always held my heart, because they're somehow like introverted people to me.  The old sweater I find at a thrift store has a story; it won't tell me the story, but that's okay.  From the find on out, we're in it together.

My brother offered to let me use the crib his children had when they were little.  The thought that my child will share the same memories of a crib that his or her cousins have, and that he or she will be surrounded and comforted by that common thread, is amazing to me.

The Spider Catcher, my camp NaNoWriMo project from earlier this year, will likely be published soon (keep an eye out for it!).  The second book, Rabbit Bones, will hopefully arrive before this child.  :)