Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thanks, stranger!

I love books, whatever form they happen to take.  I have read paperbacks and hardbacks, ebooks and online books, audio books, illustrated novels, and I would probably try any other format a book can come in.  I say this because I haven't been the best in the past about keeping print editions of my books available.  However, this month especially, I'm realizing that other prefer print to digital (or any other format).  Because someone out there has purchased copies of my print editions books.

The fact that I noticed should tell you exactly how many I sell.  A special thanks to the print lover out there--you are a rare and much appreciated gem, stranger.  :)

And because I noticed, I realized that even though I am currently writing book 6 in the Redemption series, I only have book 1 available in print.

So to anyone out there waiting for it, formatting the rest of Redemption for print editions has just been bumped up my priority list.  Stay tuned for further announcements on that front.

Happy Reading,

Monday, May 25, 2015

Storyteller Alley & draft cover art

First, a big thanks to Storyteller Alley for accepting my book for a feature on their site, and for making Waldgrave a part of their daily giveaway!  If you're a person who signs up for book blogs or sites that offer free books (I'm a member of several), you may want to check them out.  Their email list is an automatic signup to win free books that they feature.

It's still raining at my house, but I'm hoping to take my kiddo and get out of the house tomorrow, and maybe head in to Denver.  I don't know--the laundry also beckons, and I have a few other indoor chores if the cabin fever doesn't take hold.  At least the garden is shaping up nicely this year.

Also, here is some new cover art I am working on for book 6 of the Redemption series (in no way final--I may still make changes).  I'm playing with the idea of moving up the release dates, but haven't made a final determination.  It all depends how fast I can finish the draft for Shattered Minotaur.

Happy reading,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cold and Wet

The covers for Waldgrave have been updated...everywhere but on this blog, seemingly, so I'm going to get on that today.  I am officially 1/3 the way through writing the 6th book in the Redemption series, and it won't stop raining outside.  I usually like to get out and take my kiddo to the zoo, or the gardens, or anywhere, but it's been too cold and wet lately.  To cold and wet to go out and pull weeds, in fact, so a nasty situation awaits me in the back when the mud finally lets up--all the rain has those things thriving.


I think I've lost an apple tree to fire blight because the symptoms were atypical and I didn't know what to do.  I'll be sterilizing all of my gardening equipment to be sure, and then picking out a new tree for the back yard.  I'm actually grieving it a little, because those apples were delicious, and the tree was here when we bought the house so I don't actually know what kind it was.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Updating the covers for Waldgrave

Earlier this week I made the decision to update the covers for Waldgrave.  This is partly because I'll soon be adding books to that world, and partly because I just felt it was time for a change.  So I spent a few evenings and nap times this week picking out stock images and putting things together, and here they are.

I'm hoping to do a quick update on the internal files for these books, and have the new covers up everywhere by the end of next week.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trying to put up the Smashwords/Nook pre-order for Lion's Shadow

I just finished doing my rough edits, and I was going to put up the SW/Nook preorder for Book 5, but sadly the system thinks the file is password protected (it's not, and never has been).  I'm using the exact same procedure as I usually do when uploading to Smashwords, but for some reason, they have chosen to hate on this book in particular.  Oh, the frustration...

I'm waiting on a return email from support now, and they always do a wonderful job, so hopefully the problem will be resolved before tomorrow.

I'm off to get out from under the rock...erm, I mean, leave the house, to run some errands.  Wish me luck.

Happy reading,

EDIT:  The pre-order is now up.  We never really figured out why the file was getting rejected by the system, but I saved it to a .docx and then back to a .doc and for some reason that fixed the problem (just in case anyone out there is in the same situation and willing to try anything).