Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trying to put up the Smashwords/Nook pre-order for Lion's Shadow

I just finished doing my rough edits, and I was going to put up the SW/Nook preorder for Book 5, but sadly the system thinks the file is password protected (it's not, and never has been).  I'm using the exact same procedure as I usually do when uploading to Smashwords, but for some reason, they have chosen to hate on this book in particular.  Oh, the frustration...

I'm waiting on a return email from support now, and they always do a wonderful job, so hopefully the problem will be resolved before tomorrow.

I'm off to get out from under the rock...erm, I mean, leave the house, to run some errands.  Wish me luck.

Happy reading,

EDIT:  The pre-order is now up.  We never really figured out why the file was getting rejected by the system, but I saved it to a .docx and then back to a .doc and for some reason that fixed the problem (just in case anyone out there is in the same situation and willing to try anything).

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