Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vampires & Vinca

It's been a crazy few months in my household.  We're all sick again, this time with an awful cough and cold that's lingered for weeks.  My toddler and I both developed some nasty ear infections from it.  :P

And lost in my medicated and exhausted haze, I forgot to make the announcement that Vampires & Vinca, Hawthorn Witches #4, is now available.

The pre-order for Necromancers & Nettles is up now, as well, and I've completed the first draft for Zombies & Zinnia, Hawthorn Witches #6.  It's with my editor now.

Today, I'm on an outlining spree.  I'm hoping to get a novel a month written in April, May, and June, and if everything goes to plan (and none of us get sick again) at least one new novel in the Waldgrave universe will be in that mix.

Happy Reading,