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My books are available on additional platforms not listed here (some are also in paperback), so make sure to check with your preferred vendor.  I like to keep at least one title out there for free at any given time, so check them out.  :)


Hawthorn Witches 

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The Waldgrave Series

The Redemption Series


  1. Your books are amazing and I have purchased the entire Waldgrave series along with the entire Redemption series via Google Playstore. However, after downloading Book 1 of your Hawthorn Witches Novella, I am unable to continue reading the series as it is not available to me via Amazon as I am from Malaysia. Please make it available in Google Playstore. Thanks.

    1. Hello! First, thanks for reading, and I'm so glad you enjoy the books! Second, you have great timing to ask about the Hawthorn Witches series. It will be available on Google Play (and all other ebook stores) this January. Sign up for my email newsletter to be informed of the upcoming release: eepurl.com/btupaT

  2. Hello, where can I find the new book "arrival of the traveller". I have been looking for it but couldn't find it nor was able to get the draft.

    1. Hi! "Arrival of the Traveler" is the first book in the Waldgrave series, and it should be available at all major ebook vendors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, etc.)--see the links on this page, or email me at addisynltyler@gmail.com if you still can't find it. If you're looking for "Return of the Traveler", the 4th book in the Waldgrave series, it isn't out yet. It will be available soon. You can check my blog or sign up on my newsletter (follow this link for the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/btupaT) to be emailed when it's out. Thanks for reading!

    2. Thanks a lot, and yeah I meant "return of the traveller" can't Waite for it.