Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Covers

Last week I designed new covers for the Waldgrave paperbacks, and they are now available via Amazon!

It goes like this: when I first wrote and published Waldgrave, I only had the intention of making the books available as digital downloads.  People kept asking about paperbacks after I published, so I went out and taught myself how to format a book for print.  The catch was that I had invested a lot of time in making an ebook cover, and while those covers were fine for ebooks, they weren't good enough for print.  

Among the issues they had were the dimensions, the image resolution, the colors translating to print, and (oh, yeah...) an ebook cover lacks a spine and back cover.  So I took my ebook covers at that time and reverse engineered something passable.  I wasn't as pleased with them; they had a lot of wasted space, and I was never really fond of the blurb on the back.

Every so often, it's good to reinvent and see what happens.

Last week I finally sat down and created covers that were start to finish intended for the paperbacks. The book guts got a face lift with new edits, too.  

I still get feedback that people like the original ebook covers, so those won't be going anywhere for the time being.  If you haven't yet, stop by Amazon and check out the 3rd edition books, and let me know what you think!