Thursday, March 29, 2012

Angry Editors

Through Chapter 10 of Redemption has been sent out to my editors; one of them got kind of peeved because chapter 10 ends with a cliffhanger (teehee!).  It's been a couple of years, thanks to babies, weddings, and military obligations, since the last time I was really able to have solid write-and-edit relationships with some of my frieditors.

Having someone send me an angry email early in the a.m. ("I hate you SO much."), followed by a text in the p.m. ("Did you get my email, you brat?"), and a chat message later that evening ("damn you to hell!!!") is a good feeling.

It's a love-hate relationship.  Or maybe I just like torturing people.  Or, maybe I've spent too much time with these people I'm writing about, and they like to torture people, lol.

Release date for Redemption is still set for sometime in June, if I can keep the fire under my rump lit.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Spring is here, and the incidence of my seeing frozen spit on the sidewalks while walking to work is at a low (and seriously, who does this, anyways?).  The buses are no longer to cold, but now they smell like body odor.  C'est la vie.

This time of year is normally when I start planting my garden.  It is a little early--frost danger isn't really over until end of April--but I like to get my hardier plants going so that they might get a longer growing season.  However, this year, I may or may not be moving, and for that reason, I am hesitant to plant.  Major bummer because I love gardening, and I may not get one this year.

In other news, I am trying to decorate my cubicle at work.  I haven't been at the job that long, so not much is in there now, but I figure I need to do something before I become known as the weird girl with the spartan working arrangement.  I already have an orchid to put in there, but another restriction I am working under is that I walk and take the bus to work.  So anything I take has to be small enough to fit in my backpack, and light enough to be carried a mile.  Suggestions would be appreciated, as I am not as extroverted or socially aware as some of you out there.

What do you keep at work?  What do you enjoy seeing in other people's offices?


Monday, March 12, 2012

From the Rut

Well, the last month (or just shy) has been pretty rough for me for a few personal reasons.

The male of the species...sometimes they just don't get it.  (Yeah, you heard me!  It's a boy problem.  Stupid boys...)

I haven't been writing, I've been doing very little reading, and food hasn't appealed to me.  Normally I would think I was getting sick, but lately I think I'm just guilty of being a diva.  I'm trying to crawl out of the rut and rejoin the world in as un-whiny a fashion as possible.

Right now I'm sitting in that place where writing just seems silly.  And I know it's not silly--someday, I will be passionate about it again--but right now, I'm wondering why I do this thing.  Oh well.  Onward.

I'm stuck at a point in Redemption where I am debating where to go next, if anyone wants to put in their two cents to the situation.  (Yes, I realize I haven't posted a lot about what this book is "about"; it's because I have editors who read this blog, and they haven't hit the big reveal yet.  For our purposes, the story is about bad things that happen to good people, and good people who let those bad things happen to others.  And small town secrets, betrayal, and playing dress up in fancy clothing.  Also, murder.  And hairy bodies.)

The book is finished, though not yet edited.  In the first round of edits, I had a frieditor tell me the reveal came to fast.  So, I went back and installed about three more chapters of side story that I had previously thought were too tangential.

New frieditor is about to kill me because the reveal is now taking too long, but now that the side story flood gates are open, I kind of want to let them run free.  (Which I will probably do.) However, the story now feels disjointed to me where I broke off the original reveal; I haven't had any complaints from frieditors concerning the break, but I am thinking it needs smoothing anyways.  : /