Friday, October 30, 2015

Cover Reveal for Fox Blood

Yesterday I uploaded the final draft for Hawthorn Witches Novella #2, and it is set to go live on the 24th. I also got the pre-order for Novella #3 set up and sent the manuscript off to my editor, and that one will be out toward the end of December.

And with those tasks out of the way, I am back writing on Redemption Book 7.  Yay!  (Except kind of not, because I'm always a little sad writing the final book in the series...)

In any case, here's the working cover, which may or may not change prior to publication in January.  The pre-order isn't up yet, but it should be by the end of November, so please stay tuned.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hawthorn Book 3 is now complete

...And ready for the editor!  It will be released in late December, and it's looking a little longer than the other two novellas in the series.  However, that's before edits, so stand by in case of changes.

I am now throwing myself into edits on Waldgrave, and hoping to have a revised edition out before November.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Progress on recent projects

I am incredibly sick this week, and so is my toddler.  He's one day ahead of me, which is great because he's getting better...but not so great, because I still feel like crap, and his energy is now on the upswing.

However, I'm hanging in there writing-wise, and I think I'll have the third installment in the Hawthorn series finished before Monday.  I already have the cover finished, and it has a planned release date in late December.

I'm debating now if I want to go from this project into editing Waldgrave, or if I want to finish writing the last 30-40k words in the final Redemption novel.  I had put Waldgrave on the schedule first, but I hate leaving anything half-finished.  The edits to Waldgrave likely won't take that long because they are focused on fixing just a few things previous editors have missed, but I had kind of hoped to immerse myself in the process.  I want to reread those books before I write the sequel series that I have planned for 2016.

Maybe my thinking will be clearer when the head cold is gone.

Happy Reading,

Friday, October 9, 2015

View from the Rut

This week hasn't been that great for me, but I won't burden you with the details.  I am in a major funk tonight over various things that normally wouldn't bother me, and hoping to get them all ticked off my list before the end of the month.

I'm shopping cover art for the last book in the Redemption series, due out in January, but I can't quite seem to find what I'm looking for.  I had to stop halfway through finishing Redemption to finish the third installment of the Hawthorn books, which was a scheduling snag I didn't anticipate, and that's been freaking me because my mind keeps wandering back to it.  I'm already drawing up outlines for a sequel arc to Hawthorn, because the early response has been pretty good, and dang it I just really need to finish Redemption and slap a cover on that book...

I am really looking forward to closing out this story line in Redemption after seven books, because I feel like I'm finally giving those characters some peace and a well-deserved rest.  At the same time, I'm looking forward to some freedom to write more in the Waldgrave universe, which I know I've been promising readers for the last year.  It is coming, and it's the first thing on my list in 2016.  I'll be giving the first three books a thorough reread and edit, and releasing new editions just before I start writing to refresh the characters in my mind.  (Though really, I don't think this is necessary.  I know where they are and what they're doing now.)

Here's hoping for a better mood tomorrow.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Demons & Dracaena is free today


As part of the launch of the series, Demons & Dracaena is free today on Amazon.

I am about 25% done with book 3 in the Hawthorn Witches series, and I am 50% done with book 7 (the final book) in the Redemption series.  I had to put book 7 on hold to finish book 3 in the other series because I didn't want to cut it too close with my new editor.  I anticipate releasing book 3 in December, which means editing must happen in November, and I need the final draft done with my initial edits by the 31st.

And speaking of Halloween, putting up decorations is on my list of activities to do with my kiddo today.  We didn't plant pumpkins this year because they nearly overran our yard last year, so a visit to the pumpkin patch is also in order.  I still have dehydrated pumpkin for bread and pies in my pantry from 2014.  This year we have an abundance of zucchini, but my kiddo has fortunately taken a liking to zucchini pickles, so it worked out.

Happy Reading,