Thursday, October 15, 2015

Progress on recent projects

I am incredibly sick this week, and so is my toddler.  He's one day ahead of me, which is great because he's getting better...but not so great, because I still feel like crap, and his energy is now on the upswing.

However, I'm hanging in there writing-wise, and I think I'll have the third installment in the Hawthorn series finished before Monday.  I already have the cover finished, and it has a planned release date in late December.

I'm debating now if I want to go from this project into editing Waldgrave, or if I want to finish writing the last 30-40k words in the final Redemption novel.  I had put Waldgrave on the schedule first, but I hate leaving anything half-finished.  The edits to Waldgrave likely won't take that long because they are focused on fixing just a few things previous editors have missed, but I had kind of hoped to immerse myself in the process.  I want to reread those books before I write the sequel series that I have planned for 2016.

Maybe my thinking will be clearer when the head cold is gone.

Happy Reading,

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