Friday, October 9, 2015

View from the Rut

This week hasn't been that great for me, but I won't burden you with the details.  I am in a major funk tonight over various things that normally wouldn't bother me, and hoping to get them all ticked off my list before the end of the month.

I'm shopping cover art for the last book in the Redemption series, due out in January, but I can't quite seem to find what I'm looking for.  I had to stop halfway through finishing Redemption to finish the third installment of the Hawthorn books, which was a scheduling snag I didn't anticipate, and that's been freaking me because my mind keeps wandering back to it.  I'm already drawing up outlines for a sequel arc to Hawthorn, because the early response has been pretty good, and dang it I just really need to finish Redemption and slap a cover on that book...

I am really looking forward to closing out this story line in Redemption after seven books, because I feel like I'm finally giving those characters some peace and a well-deserved rest.  At the same time, I'm looking forward to some freedom to write more in the Waldgrave universe, which I know I've been promising readers for the last year.  It is coming, and it's the first thing on my list in 2016.  I'll be giving the first three books a thorough reread and edit, and releasing new editions just before I start writing to refresh the characters in my mind.  (Though really, I don't think this is necessary.  I know where they are and what they're doing now.)

Here's hoping for a better mood tomorrow.

Happy Reading,

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