Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thanks, stranger!

I love books, whatever form they happen to take.  I have read paperbacks and hardbacks, ebooks and online books, audio books, illustrated novels, and I would probably try any other format a book can come in.  I say this because I haven't been the best in the past about keeping print editions of my books available.  However, this month especially, I'm realizing that other prefer print to digital (or any other format).  Because someone out there has purchased copies of my print editions books.

The fact that I noticed should tell you exactly how many I sell.  A special thanks to the print lover out there--you are a rare and much appreciated gem, stranger.  :)

And because I noticed, I realized that even though I am currently writing book 6 in the Redemption series, I only have book 1 available in print.

So to anyone out there waiting for it, formatting the rest of Redemption for print editions has just been bumped up my priority list.  Stay tuned for further announcements on that front.

Happy Reading,

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