Monday, May 25, 2015

Storyteller Alley & draft cover art

First, a big thanks to Storyteller Alley for accepting my book for a feature on their site, and for making Waldgrave a part of their daily giveaway!  If you're a person who signs up for book blogs or sites that offer free books (I'm a member of several), you may want to check them out.  Their email list is an automatic signup to win free books that they feature.

It's still raining at my house, but I'm hoping to take my kiddo and get out of the house tomorrow, and maybe head in to Denver.  I don't know--the laundry also beckons, and I have a few other indoor chores if the cabin fever doesn't take hold.  At least the garden is shaping up nicely this year.

Also, here is some new cover art I am working on for book 6 of the Redemption series (in no way final--I may still make changes).  I'm playing with the idea of moving up the release dates, but haven't made a final determination.  It all depends how fast I can finish the draft for Shattered Minotaur.

Happy reading,

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