Monday, February 9, 2015

A highly productive day

Today I finally got the last pumpkin out of my basement!  Huzzah!  And I got out in the garden, and cleared away the dead stuff from last year!  Double Huzzah!

And while this isn't from today (two days ago, I think?) I thought I would share.  It's likely to change, but here's the cover art for Book 5 in the Redemption series:

It still feels a little off to me...I've already received some feedback to make the leaves in the foreground a little more golden, but I feel like I may need to do something at the horizon line to break up the wall of red in the back.  The space between the top of the cover and the book title also feels weird to me, but that might just be my own perfectionism.  The title may or may not change--this was the first working title I could come up with that people thought fit the series and wasn't too ridiculous.
I am writing Book 5 now, based on a 25K outline and novel start I put together in May of 2012.  Back then, I had noted this was going to be book 3.  How the times have changed.


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