Friday, March 20, 2015

One book finished, another to begin

I have just finished draft one of Lion's Shadow, book 5 in the Redemption series.  It's about three weeks late on when I anticipated finishing it, which in part explains my absence here, but it will still make the publication date in July.  I'm setting up my Scrivener template for book 6 tonight, and fighting the urge to start writing it, because I already have on my calender to give Pale Hound (book 4) the final read through before I release it next month.  I might cave and make a cover for it, just to relieve some of the tension.

There's just something about endings that make me want to start a new book, and it's really hard to have to go back (in this case, to edit), when I want to be writing forward.  But I know it's better to leave things to mellow for a while before I do each editing round, so unless I'm going to sit on my couch doing nothing in the mean time (unlikely), I'm going to be writing between edits.

In other news, I'm having fun reading all of the rumors about the upcoming Star Wars movies.  While it wasn't classic Trek, I did enjoy the J.J. Abrams reboot movies enough that I own them now, and I'm curious to see what he does in the Star Wars universe.  I've got my hopes up, which could be a dangerous thing.


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