Saturday, January 3, 2015

Update on Serpent's Bite


Here is an updated cover for Serpent's Bite, Redemption Book 3, which I will be releasing end of this month.  I'm in the final stages of editing now, and I expect to put up a pre-order in about 2 weeks.

It is such a huge relief to finally have this one off my plate...for anyone who's been following for a while, you may know that this manuscript has been a bear.  The first book I wrote in the Redemption series was actually what is now books 2 and 3 (Rabbit Bones and Serpent's Bite).  My initial readers couldn't make it past the first third of that manuscript, though, because they wanted to know what had happened during Ember's previous stay on the island.  These details were discussed later in the manuscript, but they said it just wasn't working.

So I started writing a new introduction.  The introduction got too long, and I decided it would be a short prequel.  Then I dropped the "short," and Spider Catcher was born out of snips and edits of various pieces of that original manuscript.  I took what was left after excising what is now book 1, and started to flesh it out.  Without all of the history and background explanations, there was a lot more room to focus on the plot and characters and developing the story, and soon I had a novel.  Then two addition to the other novel I had already taken out.  From one manuscript.

And that, friends, is the writing and editing history of the last two years of my life.  I've been wrestling with a bear, trying to make complete plots and catch continuity errors, and oh yeah, this entire story used to be told in the first person.  :P

The relief I am feeling right now, that I can finally proceed to a rewrite and edit of book 4 (tentatively titled Pale Hound), which was originally book 2, is immense.  Let's hope it's smooth sailing from here.  In any case, thank you all for your patience--stay tuned for the pre-order around January 14th-18th ish.


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