Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chores are like nesting dolls

Despite my best intentions, I still have three pumpkins hanging around my basement.  Yes, they've been there since August, and yes, I have everything I need to get them out of the basement and into my pantry.  I'm sitting on my couch, right now, thinking about how I should really go down there and carry them up, because the baby is sleeping and it's an excellent opportunity.

But if I'm going to roast them, I've got to do it all at once so I don't have to set up and take down my food mill and dehydrator multiple times.  I've also got to clean the refrigerator before this effort is undertaken, because three pumpkins takes up a heck of a lot more space than one would think.  To clean the refrigerator I need an empty trash can and and empty dishwasher...

So I guess what I'm looking at here is doing the dishes this afternoon so that I can clean out the fridge tonight, and then roast pumpkins tomorrow.  The roasted pumpkins can be stored in the newly clean fridge overnight.  Then I will mill the next day, store the pumpkin goo in the newly clean food containers from cleaning out the fridge, and then clean and store the food mill.  Then dehydrate for the next 3-5 days...

Some days, I wake up with the best intentions of getting stuff done, and then I get buried in the bigger picture of how everything chore in my house seems to be contingent on everything else.  It's like it all has to get done or nothing can get done.  It's like the logic center of my brain is conspiring to validate my own laziness and procrastination.

I'm getting up now.

Wish me luck.


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