Saturday, January 24, 2015

3 a.m. stress-induced inspiration

I've had some down time recently due to my child being sick (better now, very thankfully).  We ended up in the hospital for a couple of nights, and while I didn't have my laptop with me, I did manage to pen a new story idea after bedtime one night.  It was one of those crazy middle of the night dreams, and I woke up wondering if it could be worked into a novel.  I think it can, but I'm going to wait a few days just to be sure that isn't the sleep deprivation talking.

It's a sort of scifi futuristic story, so a little outside of where I've built my name, but maybe.  Or, maybe I'll publish it under a different name.  I'll see how it goes if I get the time to write it.

Due to a lag in editing progress on the 4th Redemption book, I came home with a determined attitude and promptly decided that I might go back and tie up a few loose ends from the Waldgrave series.  I've been asked a few times about side characters and where they ended up, so I figure if I have time, I'll write some novelettes leading up to the next Waldgrave novels.  Why not, right?  It might be fun to share the tidbits that didn't make it in, like where Marie ended up and Rollin's back story.    I wrote those outlines tonight, as well as outlines for the next three Lena Collins books, and edited another couple of chapters.  I'm really hoping I get Redemption 4 edited on schedule, but we'll see--If I don't, then I guess I'll shift my timeline a little and make up any losses in April.


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