Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fashion trends I don't understand

I ride the bus in Denver a fair amount, so I see a wide range of people coming and going from work, home, shopping, or wherever people go during the day.  I want to make clear that I am not a fashionable women; most days, I walk out the door wearing whatever whatever my hand first lands on in the hamper of clothes that I should have put away the night before.  Friends and family have taken great care to assure that I buy a wardrobe that matches in many combinations (in any respect) due to this unfortunate habit.

However, lately, I have noticed something that I am hoping someone can explain to me.  I see a lot of young men (late teens to twenties) wearing business tops and casual bottoms.  I have seen it on a handful of individuals on different days.  It's like a clothing mullet...suit coat and tie above the waist, worn jeans or sweat pants on the bottom.  Hair done up like a typical day out (i.e., not too formal, but definitely more done than "I just rolled out of bed").  What's up with this?  Was this in a movie recently, or demonstrated by a celebrity?  Are these people news anchors, where the only part of them you see is from the waist up (didn't recognize any of them as such)?  What kind of profession dresses this way?


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