Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feline Saboteur

Well, my cat loves my laptop cooling pad as much as I do.  The first day I left it out, the one of my cats decided to pull it out from under the laptop and chew the heck out of it.  I probably should have known this would happen--the cat is a freak and chews things, especially cardboard, like a teething puppy.

The laptop pad is still functional--it has a few more aeration holes now.  The cat is fine too; he wasn't able to rip off or ingest any pieces.  The pad keeps the laptop so cool that the cats are no longer attracted to curling up next to the cooling fan, which has led me to wonder if this was a planned attack to regain a warm spot on the ottoman.



  1. I'm very happy when my pets get over their chewing stage...or even better, don't chew at all!

  2. Yeah, I wish that would happen with this cat. Up until this laptop pad, it was only a cardboard fetish; I'm hoping he isn't graduating from cardboard to anything crunchy that fits in his mouth.