Friday, November 18, 2011

Smashwords to iBooks: A timeline

A while back I received a request to have my book on iBooks.  This started a personal quest, wherein I started researching options for how to make this happen.  Eventually I determined that the easiest way for me to get my book on to iBooks in a cost-free manner was to go through Smashwords.  There were some milestones along the way that had me running internet searches to figure out how long things would take.  For example, how long it takes for Smashwords to review a book for the premium catalog, or how long it takes for Smashwords to get a book onto iBooks.

So, for the benefit of other authors who are hitting that refresh button, here is my timeline:

October 26th: I receive a request to get my book onto iBooks.

October 27th: I have researched how to do this, looked over the Smashwords formatting requirements, and started formatting my book.  (Yes, these requirements will give you a headache and make you want to give up--thank goodness they are changing the requirements in 2012 so that books can be uploaded as an .epub.)

November 1st: Uploaded my formatted manuscript to Smashwords.

November 10th: My manuscript was reviewed by Smashwords, and accepted into the premium catalog.

November 18th: My book appeared in the iBooks store.  

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