Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cover art

Please leave a comment with your thoughts!  I am purposefully not going to initially describe the book for you.  Base on the cover, what do you think this book is about?  


  1. Based on the covers, it's a dark tale involving sorcery, perhaps in some remote location (where it's hard to call for help!) I prefer the image on the top cover, although I like the pentagram in the title of the second

  2. The gray tone cover gives me a visual sense of a noir gothica theme. I'd expect to read subtle suspensful sub plots while the main plot would be a distraction from the actual plot until I tied it all together in the end of the book. - I'd be more inclined to pick up this one.

    The red cover makes me think of some sort of back woods spin off of Blair Witch that the author has vaguely scanned some wiccan / demonology facts and isn't really committed to the story. It doesn't breed any trust in the content.

    - judging a book by its cover and all.

  3. I like the top dark one better. I am unsure of what the book is about and the cover should be based on the book for sure. You did a great job with your first series and the associated cover art. The first one here, dark, looks scary like something bad is going to happen. Like MJ might return or something! But as a f* zombie! OMG

  4. I like the background of the top book and the title block with sheer-ish background of the bottom book. I think that those two together might work best for me :)