Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laptop Mishap

Waldgrave fans: I have some bad news, and some good news.

Bad news:

Today, I was drinking my coffee with pumpkin spice creamer in it on the couch while emailing.  The phone rang, I went to get it, and jostled my coffee, spilling on part of my keyboard.  I have never spilled anything on a laptop before, not even as a child, so after I got over my initial shock, I sprung into action.

I dried it up and did everything I knew to do (flipping the laptop, etc.) and things seemed to be fine.  Then, an hour later, my arrow keys (where I spilled) started acting funny.  I popped the keys of to see if anything was stuck (I am a second generation nerd with a dad into hardware, so this came naturally to me).  That's when I made the horrifying discovery that there was still liquid down there, trapped such that I could not get to it to dry it up.

Thanks to some help on Google Plus (thanks again, Jerry Huckaby!) I think I have prevented any more serious damage from happening.  However, this is the machine where I have been writing and editing my novels, including the Waldgrave series.

Good news:

In fear that I might have fried my machine, or that the machine was in the process of frying, I grabbed the essential novel files I could and emailed them to myself.  This included all the edits to Waldgrave 3, because those came to mind first as something I hadn't backed up yet.

I anticipate a minor delay in getting Waldgrave 3 out the door, depending on what has happened to my faithful laptop.  However, the files and edits are safe.



  1. Thank goodness you were able to back up your files! Good luck with everything.

  2. :) Yes, I was happy to know it was safe too. However, there were a few other things I probably should have grabbed, and didn't, and now I'm going a little crazy not having access to my usual set of files.