Monday, June 27, 2016

Morgan in the Mirror

I finished my initial edits for the first book in my Nine Morgans series.  The latter half still needs to go through additional editing, but for the most part, the book is done.

I'll be putting together my outline for book 2 in that series today.  I'm optimistic that I'll get that one at least mostly written before my second child is born (due mid-July), but I've had some symptoms that make me think baby may be arriving sooner than later.  We'll have to wait see.  Coupled with my toddler being sick the last few days, I'm running a little behind on my schedule, but I'll feel much better once I get this outline done--that way I already have my road map if I end up taking a short maternity break.

Anyone subscribed to my newsletter will be getting some sneak peak chapters and a cover reveal of the new series today, so enjoy!

Happy Reading,

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