Friday, September 11, 2015

Saying goodbye to characters

I'm only on my third day of writing the 7th Redemption novel, and already dreading the end.  I've been wanting to write these moments for these characters for a long time, and the words are coming quickly.  To be clear, book 7 is my planned ending to that series.  It will wrap up all of the open plot lines.

But like Waldgrave, I'm now wondering if I can say goodbye to those characters forever.  I may keep writing stories for them (just for me); I did that with Waldgrave, and those ideas are evolving into what will be the next lineup of novels in the Waldgrave universe.

All the same, endings are a little sad for me.

I anticipate that Redemption Book 7, which I currently haven't titled, will be completely written by mid-October at the latest with a release date in January of 2016.  After I finish writing this one, I'll spend a couple of weeks writing the third Hawthorn novella, and then I will move on to writing a new series to ease the pain of wrapping up with these characters.  Or, I might go straight into that Waldgrave lineup.  I haven't fully decided the 2016 schedule yet, but there will be more of the Waldgrave universe and a new series, and if people like the Hawthorn novellas, probably more of those, as well.

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