Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting ready for the release of Pale Hound

The "final" draft has been uploaded, but I caught two more little errors.  I'm going to upload a new draft first thing release day, so only the folks that download Pale Hound before I get to it will ever know.  (ETA: Pale Hound, Redemption Book 4 is coming out this Thursday, April 30th!)

The new upload will also include a link at the back to the next book in the series, because I just created the pre-order for Lion's Shadow last night.

My camp NaNoWriMo was a little bit of  a disappointment, because I spent most of it editing Lion's Shadow to get that pre-order file ready.  I'm only about 20,000 words into writing Redemption book 6 now, but hoping to kick it into high gear after my final pass of Lion's Shadow, which has a tentative release date of July 25th.  Book 6 will be out in either September or October, depending on how writing goes the rest of this year.

Spring has finally arrived in my backyard, and I *think* that we've already had our last hard freeze for the year, but in Colorado one never really knows.  I've already got half of my vegetable garden planted, and I just put out some annuals on Saturday...followed by an epic 2 hour weed pulling session.  My daffodils have come and gone, but I've still got some tulips in bloom, and waiting to see if I get any irises this year.  The hibiscus have just started to come out of hibernation, and it looks like the tiny hydrangea I planted last year, which I was sure had died, is now making a come back.

Happy reading,

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