Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waldgrave Part 2

Right now, I am in the process of typesetting Waldgrave Part 2.  I already have templates set up from having to do all of this for Waldgrave Part 1.  It's been easier, but certain things (like adding it italics, bold, underline, paragraph breaks, etc.) are still a pain because I have to add them manually after copying my text over from Google Docs to Sigil.  I am hopeful that I won't ever have to face the physical typesetting debacle again now that I have figured out the page numbering problem.  The spine/cover size problem will always remain (good grief).

I am still excitedly awaiting the arrival of my proof for Arrival.


  1. Just finished with the first book! AWESOME!!! excited for the 2nd one....

  2. Thanks! (also, read your review on're the best, and thanks for reading the book!) I will be publishing Part 2 on October 31st.