Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arrival of the Traveler -- Soon in Paperback!

The proof for the paper back version of Arrival landed on my stoop yesterday, and there was much rejoicing! 

It does not look like the cover below.  I am doing my paperback version through CreateSpace, and despite all warnings to the contrary, I chose to order my first proof with lower resolution images than CreateSpace recommends.  As CreateSpace warned me was possible, the cover was slightly blurry and pixelated.  However, now knowing that higher res images were needed, I have now created the cover below as my second attempt.

This is a higher resolution than the previous cover, and it is not a final draft.  However, I am hoping to have a final draft and the next proof ordered by the end of the week.  Consequentially, this means that the paperback version of Arrival will be out sometime in October.  Yay!

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