Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What has Morgan le Fay been up to all these years?

Find out on September 1st.  The pre-orders are now up on Kindle, Google Play, Nook, Apple, and most other major retailers.

I sent out the ARC copies to the great folks subscribed to my newsletter who volunteered to read and review, and I'm getting pretty excited for the launch of this book.  Some feedback has already come back that's helping me pick and choose areas to focus on in the second book, which is coming along nicely, so I'm getting very excited for the series as well.

With the arrival of my new baby, I noticed today that my vegetable garden is in a terrible state.  It's been overrun with weeds.  I may have to take some time to reclaim things from the wilderness.  Not for a few more days, because my older child is sick with a virus this week (poor guy!).

I'm already contemplating the outline for the next Waldgrave book, which is the next project on my list.  I also accidentally read a very brief snippet of a lovely review that someone left on the seventh book in the Redemption series today; I don't make a habit of reading my reviews, because it doesn't play nice with my perfectionism and that way lies insanity.  I caught the first sentence of this one while trying to fix something on the sales page, however, and it was very motivating and encouraging to hear that someone enjoyed the series so much and wanted more books.

Thank you, kind stranger.  Your words made me smile.  Someday, when I'm dusting off the outline for the next book, it's fans like you I'll be thinking about.

Happy Reading,

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