Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A stone's throw

I am only 5,000 words away from finishing my initial draft of Redemption Book 6.  I am debating now if my Camp NaNoWriMo July project will be book 7, or a new series of novellas I have been cooking up.

I got some bad news on the home front this week, in a wide range of areas, and affecting a lot of people.  It always seems to come in threes, and I won't go into it here.  But it has me hurting, and I think that has drawn out finishing my current project.

In brighter news, I went out and picked the first harvest of snow peas from my garden today.  I have an abundance of lettuce out there, and I picked up some tomatoes at the farmer's market today, so we're probably having a salad for dinner.  My little baby is a little boy now, and he's finally able to enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.  He played in the sprinklers for the first time yesterday and laughed the whole time.  :)

Happy reading,

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