Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Draft 6?

When the H did happen?  I have just started edits on draft 6 of what was going to be the first book in a new series.  It's now the second book, because I received feedback from two frieditors that the 4 page flashback early on in the book needed more explanation.  (...And let's face it, they're right--the flashback was cheesy.)

I just finished writing the new section.  It's roughly 78,000 words worth of prequel, and there are a few sections within that I want to expand a little.  I say a little, but we all know how that goes.

So now I am back to book one (two), which is currently sitting at 170,000 words, and that's entirely separate from the aforementioned prequel text.  That's 335 pages single spaced size 12 Times New Roman in Word.  It isn't even done yet, since I wrote in some additional plot lines that I need to wrap before the book ends.

It's probably more like books two and three, if I can find a good breaking point.  Otherwise, I guess it's just a whopper of a book.   

I am wondering if I should write in some mini-plots to create a good break at the midpoint, but if I do that, there's going to be enough text for three books.  The problem there is that I had only planned six to seven books in the series, and if I keep it as is, it's now more like a nine to ten book series.  That's a long time to wait, and a lot of pages to flip, to get to a conclusion.

It's freaking me out a little, because I could swear this book was only 120K words the last time I left.  I can't wait to read what I've apparently forgot that I wrote.


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