Monday, December 10, 2012


Arrival of the Traveler is now back on Nook.  I apologize to anyone who was looking for it while it was down during the KDP Select enrollment.

Two of my editors for the Redemption series are pregnant right now.  The third is trying to get pregnant.  One of them is in labor today.  Me?  I'm still merrily typing along, hoping that the madness ends.

And by that, I mean the multiple drafts I've worked myself into.  Of course that's what I meant.

It's December, and it's cold out; walking through Denver and the auto-mosphere has my nose, throat, and lungs in knots, and I have a cold to boot.  This has led to the prescribed consumption of cold medication, which has a tendency to bring out the hypergraphia and lower inhibitions.

Enjoy the posts this winter, readers.

I am currently restructuring Redemption to remove most flashbacks in favor of a linear timeline (two editors complained of this feature of the book, and it never sat right with me to begin with).  Yes, this is making an already long book longer.

Arrival of the Traveler was right around 90,000 words.  Redemption now sits at 137,000 words, and counting.  Too long.  Something is getting the ax, or I will have to cut it in to two books.  Problematically, I had envisioned this book as one solid episode in the overarching Redemption plot line, so it will be difficult to split in half if need be.

I could just release it as is--one big chunk of story.  But then, the rest of the novels are going to seem off balance being of normal length compared to this monster.  But then, I don't know why I worry about this stuff, because it will all depend on how sick I am of working through the edits once they are done.  When I have the green light from the editors, this baby will probably fly regardless of length.

Which brings me back to my editor in labor.  Kudos, sister.  You have made an actual human being in less time than it has taken me to edit this novel.  Kudos, good luck, and may motherhood bring you all the happiness you have dreamed.



  1. Definitely looking forward to more of your work. I had my aunt buy Arrival of the Traveler yesterday and earmarked the others for later! I'm sure she will love them!

    1. Dear Reader, that's awesome! Thanks for reading the books, and I am very happy that you enjoyed them enough to recommend to others. Please stick around--I do have more coming, and I have really enjoyed the relationships I have formed with some of my readers around the web.