Friday, December 30, 2011

The things I require to write/edit

Today, as I was trying to get Secrets of the Guardian, Waldgrave Part 3 out for publishing, I decided to snap this picture of my work area.  It's my usual setup for writing and editing; I tend to get easily distracted with thoughts that I "need" things I don't actually need.  However, I've discovered that if I can get everything within reach, I reduce the "tangent effect."  For example, I remember I need to write something on the shopping list, so I get up to write it down before I forget; on the way, I decide I would like a soda, but there isn't any in the kitchen, so then I go to the garage, where I discover that my car needs cleaning...Forty-five minutes to an hour later, I return to the book I was working on, and having forgotten what I was doing with it.

So, whenever I am settling in for a long session, I tend to grab a notepad for things I need to do around the house, the remotes, the phone, reading material, and an editing notepad (so I don;t get sidetracked from the current task by something else I need to fix in the writing).

The cat should be self-explanatory for anyone who knows cats.  (As should be the spray bottle to the right of the laptop, for anyone who has experienced a Bad Kitty during the Christmas Tree season.)


  1. I love the cat! And the spray bottle is a necessity.

    I'm a total minimalist. I've got a notebook for when I'm away from my computer and I've got my computer for when I'm away from my notebook. Give me a glass of water, some STP, and I'm ready to go XD

  2. The cat cracks me up. She figured out a long time ago that sleeping on the keyboard is unacceptable, so now she likes to sleep as close as possible to the laptop cooling fan. Needless to say, writing novels in her favorite napping activity in the colder months.