Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arrival of the Proof

The proof for Arrival of the Traveler arrived yesterday, but since I didn't get to the mail in time, I received and opened it today.

For anyone who missed the vote, the grey background won.  I moved the text from the body of the cat to above and below the cover illustration because the dimensions of the paperback are different than those of an ereader screen.  Incidentally, yes, that is my cat attempting to sneak into the photo behind the book.

The proofreading is going well, and while there are a few things I should probably tweak (i.e. the ISBN should probably be on it somewhere, the spine could be better oriented, I want the series number on the spine, etc.), it looks good.  I will probably incorporate a few minor stylistic changes to the cover and such over time, but it is looking good for release so far.

My next big debacle has been deciding the list price for the ebook.  Right now, the ebook is selling on both Nook and Kindle for $0.99; the manufacturing and seller costs for a paperback make it more expensive.  I figured out a while back that I could make about the same royalty off of the paperback by selling it exclusively online through CreateSpace for $11-12.  Or, I can sell it through Amazon for $14-15 (Amazon takes their share for listing it).  Now, what I am wondering is if the book will be sold *on* Amazon, or *by* Amazon--this makes a difference, because if Amazon is selling the item, then one might be able to get free shipping, and the higher price becomes worth it.  I am going to try to figure this out, but in the mean time, does anyone have a strong preference for having the title on Amazon or not?


*Update--On the CreateSpace website, it does clarify that "Customers ordering from can take advantage of FREE Super Saver Shipping, One-Day Shipping, 1-Click® ordering, and Amazon Prime® on eligible orders."

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