Sunday, July 17, 2011

The final cuts

Last week I finished my final cuts for my first book, Arrival of the Traveler: Waldgrave Book 1. It is now in the hands of my faithful editors, and still on track to be published by August 31st. I decided to take a one week break between editing books to allow the conclusion to breathe; I'm hoping it will allow me to give a good intro for Book 2.

In the mean time, I've been focusing on my cover art. I have always been artistically oriented, so doing my own cover art was a huge perk to writing a book. :) After several drafts, I believe I've got some great covers for the 3 books due out this year.

Today, I wrote a draft version of a letter to send to potential reviewers, including a synopsis of the book and a brief overview of my life. I sent the note to a few friends for review, and one of them wrote me back that it was kind of sad to sum up the last 10 years of my life in 4 sentences. I laughed; it wasn't my whole life, but it was the parts that I thought people would find interesting, minus the ones I couldn't talk about without getting certain friends in trouble. I included my college degrees and my eclectic job history; I left out my husband, my pets, and my love of gardening.

I think I'm going to fine-tune my synopsis a little more, but hopefully it will be posted to this site soon.


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